Call for Papers

The main objective of the workshop is to bring researchers together to discuss ideas, preliminary results, and ongoing research in the field of reinforcement in games.

We invite participants to submit papers, based on but not limited to, the following topics:

  • RL in one-shot games
  • RL in turn-based and Markov games
  • RL in partially-observable games
  • RL in continuous games
  • RL in cooperative games
  • Deep RL in games
  • Combining search and RL in games
  • Inverse RL in games
  • Foundations, theory, and game-theoretic algorithms for RL
  • Opponent / teammate modeling
  • Ad-hoc teamwork
  • Analyses of learning dynamics in games
  • Evolutionary methods for RL in games
  • RL in games without the rules

    RLG is a 1 full-day workshop. It will start a 60 minute mini-tutorial covering a brief tour of the history and basics of RL in games, 2-3 invited talks by prominent contributors to the field, paper presentations, a poster session, and will close with a discussion panel.

    Papers must between 4-8 pages in the AAAI submission format, with the eighth page containing only references. Papers will be submitted electronically using Easychair (link below). Authors can choose whether or not to include their names and/or affiliations on the submission. Accepted papers will not be archival, and we explicitly allow papers that are concurrently submitted to, currently under review at, or recently accepted in other conferences / venues.

    The submission deadline is November 5th. Notifications will be sent out November 26th.

    Submission link: Easychair AAAI-RLG.